NASTT Case Study: Water Pipeline Rehabilitation uses Trenchless Solution


NASTT Case Study Abstract: Older pipelines can pose a host of challenges for potable water infrastructure. Corrosion and tuberculation can contribute to everything from taste and odor issues, to decreased flow capacity. Assessment of an 18-mile-long segment of a 20-inch steel water pipeline, pressure rated at 100 psi, in Laramie, Wyoming, indicated the need for […]

ASCE Case Study: Exploration of Loose-Fit and Tight-Fit Sliplining with Butt-Fusion Welded Thermoplastic Piping for Pipeline Rehabilitation


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Abstract: Trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipelines is a continually growing industry with many viable technologies available to the end user. Pipeline rehabilitation via sliplining methods is a well established means of trenchless construction that can sometimes be overlooked when evaluating rehabilitation options. With many older water and wastewater pipelines […]