Our Services Reduce the Cost of Pipe Lining

Project & Construction Management Experts in Pipeline Repair Services

Gemini Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions, LLC are project and construction management experts in pipeline repair services who strive to reduce project costs by “cutting out the middleman”. By having Gemini on the project team, our clients can avoid hiring costly General Contractors thus eliminating unnecessary markup.

We are independent commercial pipe repair consultants who work alongside 3rd-party pipe lining contractors, trenchless technology providers, & materials suppliers and assist owners through the entire restoration process. Our past experience as a pipe lining contractor which entailed constructing and rehabilitating pipe for clients, including Fortune 500 companies, provides us with a deep understanding of the complexities necessary to manage & execute projects successfully.

Gemini assists by analyzing condition assessments to gain as much insight as possible about the piping systems prior to lining, developing Requests For Quotations (RFQ), engaging 3rd party lining contractors and competitively bidding projects. During pipeline repair construction, we represent our clients’ interests if scope changes happen to occur.

Whether you need to complete an emergency pipeline repair on a sewer force main located beneath a busy city street, breathe new life into failed piping inside of a building utilizing existing access or extend the useful life of a corroded, off-shore oil pipeline; Gemini’s team of pipe lining experts are experienced in a multitude of industrial pipe lining repair materials, installation methods & trenchless technologies. Our clients can trust that our unbiased recommendations will correctly match the stakeholder’s requirements, reduce project costs and will result in piping that is operational for many decades to come.

We Reduce the Cost of Pipe Restoration

We Reduce the Cost of Pipe Restoration We provide project and construction management services from project inception to completion. Gemini acts on our clients’ behalf and manages the entire restoration process to reduce project cost by:

Identifying the best pipe rehabilitation solution
Competitively bidding projects
Representing our client's interests if changes occur
Reducing total project markup

Services We Offer:


Due Diligence
Cost Estimating
Bid Document Preparation
Risk Analysis & Mitigation


Procurement Support
Contractor Coordination
Document Control​


Onsite Support
Quality Assurance/ Quality Control
Change Management

For assistance with your project, please contact us at (970) 946-7450.  Gemini Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions, LLC will work to understand what materials and technologies will best suit your needs and budget.

Our clients can trust that our recommended solutions are independent, trustworthy and truly focused on reducing project costs by the maximum extent possible.

Trenchless Material Experience

Gemini has a proven track record managing rehabilitation projects with the following pipe lining materials & trenchless technology solutions:

HDPE Pipe Repair

Fusible PVC

Composite Pipe



Lay Flat Hose