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Gemini Pipeline Rehabilitation Consulting business model

We manage medium- and large-scale pipe lining projects in a variety of industries.

Gemini’s pipeline consulting team has successfully managed the rehabilitation of over 450-miles of piping systems with various lining solutions since 2010 ranging in diameter from 2in to 48in and has extensive experience in the following market sectors:

Whether you need to breathe new life into failed water or cracked sewer piping inside of a building, perform an emergency repair on a force main located deep beneath a busy city street or extend the useful life of a corroded, off-shore oil pipeline; Gemini Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions team of lining experts is experienced in a multitude of pipe lining materials, installation methods & trenchless technologies.

What is the best type of pipe lining and rehabilitation?

We can guide you. We are independent pipeline consultants who reduce the price of pipe rehabilitation by recommending the most suitable lining alternatives and providing management oversight to deliver cost savings and lasting solutions. Gemini works alongside reputable, 3rd-party pipe lining contractors to provide solutions that best fit our client’s needs and budget.

We Reduce the Cost of Pipe Restoration

We Reduce the Cost of Pipe Restoration. We provide project and construction management services from project inception to completion. Gemini’s team of pipeline consultants acts on our clients’ behalf and manages the entire restoration process to reduce project cost by:

Identifying the best pipe rehabilitation solution
Competitively bidding projects
Representing our client's interests if changes occur
Reducing total project markup

I worked with Gemini for the last year after the HOA I manage hired them to consult on a large cast iron pipe rehab project. They are very professional and easy to work with. Sean helped with complicated issues and helped with common-sense solutions.

Mike Silcox

Property Manager

Pipe Lining Consulting & Guidance

We work with clients to identify the best options for their project, then identify multiple qualified pipe lining contractors who can bid competitively and ensure our clients get treated fairly throughout the process.

Pipeline Project Planning

We work with our clients on the restoration of pipes utilizing the most suitable pipe lining alternative to reduce costs by the maximum extent possible while providing lasting solutions. 

Pipe Restoration, Management & Oversight

We guide our clients through the due-diligence, planning, estimation, risk assessment and procurement process, then through pipeline construction and all the way until the rehabilitated pipe is successfully commissioned and operational. By having Gemini on the project team, you can eliminate hiring costly general contractors and save unnecessary markup.