Non-Invasive Pipe Rehab: Fixing Failed Pipe Without Tearing Apart A Buildings’ Interior

Old Pipes Are often Taken for Granted

Sometimes a leaking pipe may be an isolated incident but it could be indicative of a large scale issue that if not properly addressed; could fester and grow in significance.  If the condition of the piping system continues to deteriorate, it could lead to an increase in the number of leaks and insurance claims. It could culminate and cause a decrease in property values, a drop in  insurance  coverage altogether, special assessments, or require extensive renovation work.

Breathing New Life into Deteriorated Pipes Utilizing Existing Access

With advancements in pipe lining technology, it is possible to rehabilitate old water and sewer piping with non-invasive solutions available that can be installed utilizing existing access. Many of these solutions have a proven track-record over the last 25 years, a 50 year useful life and can be installed without renovating walls, ceilings, or floors. It is less expensive, quicker and not as distuptive to a building’s occupants to rehabilitate old piping than undertaking extensive renovation work and replacing old pipes.

To learn more about pipe-in-pipe restoration and how Gemini Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions, LLC can reduce the cost of pipe lining; please visit our website or call (970) 946-7450. On each project, our goals are to reduce restoration costs by the maximum extent possible and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the results.