Residential & Commercial

Pipe Lining Solutions

Gemini represents Home Owners Associations, Property Managers and Metro Districts on large-scale residential and commercial rehabilitation projects utilizing the most suitable pipe lining solution. From project inception to completion, we specialize in providing project & construction management support on multi-family apartments, condominiums, hotels, or offices with semi- or fully-deteriorated water & sewer piping located inside the building envelope. On each project, our primary goal is to rehabilitate our clients’ pipelines to reduce project costs by the maximum extent possible and ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the results. 

Gemini specializes in helping pipeline owners’ assess their options, identify the best course of action and execute projects successfully so that their piping will remain trouble-free for decades to comeWe have experience utilizing the most technologically advanced pipe lining systems and materials in the industry. We are independent pipeline consultants that work alongside 3rd party technology providers, pipe lining contractors, and material suppliers to provide lining solutions that best fits our client’s needs. We utilize existing access thus limiting the amount of cosmetic repairs and attempt to avoid disrupting the building’s occupants when at all possible. 

First, Gemini develops a thorough understanding of the project’s requirements & stockholders priorities, review the condition of the existing pipeline and then makes unbiased recommendations that matches the specific needs of each project on a case-by-case basis. 


Residential Pipe Lining Rehabilitation

Project & Construction Management Specialists

We are consultants that specialize in  project & construction management on pipe lining projects and help guide our clients through the due-diligence, planning, estimation, risk assessment and procurement process, then through construction and all the way till the rehabilitated piping inside the building is successfully commissioned and operational.