Trenchless Rehabilitation- PE: Strengths & Weaknesses

PE Fusion

Polyethylene (PE) Material Overview ALL trenchless rehabilitation solutions have inherent strengths and limitations. Polyethylene, Poly, or PE for short; has many terrific qualities that make it an excellent choice for trenchless rehabilitation but in fairness, it does have a few limitations. PE is an excellent rehabilitation option in many water, sewer, mining, industrial, oil and […]

NASTT Case Study: Large Diameter Pressure Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

pipe lining job

NASTT Abstract: In 2019, the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District installed the first tight-fit HDPE pipeline liner system inside a large diameter watermain in the state of Utah. The project included rehabilitation of 1.5 miles of 30-inch and 27-inch diameter AWWA C303 “Bar-wrapped” and non-standard non-cylinder reinforced concrete drinking water pressure pipeline originally installed in […]

NASTT Case Study: Medium Diameter Compressed Fit HDPE Lining Rehabilitation Project

Del City Ice Storm pipe lining

COMCD Del City Raw Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Abstract: This NASTT paper will review the Del City Pipeline improvement project which included rehabilitating 9,200 linear feet of 18-in, 21-in, and 24-in reinforced concrete piping with a compressed fit HDPE liner system installed by Aegion Corporation. The raw water pipeline traveled under an interstate, around an Air […]

Trenchless Rehabilitation Solutions: Product & Cost Comparison

Water rehab

Trenchless Technology Product Overview ALL trenchless rehabilitation solutions have inherent strengths and limitations. For example, there are pressure rated systems that are capable of spanning miles without requiring access but require a significant footprint for staging or installation. Others are solely liners and intended to repair tight radius bends or fittings while relying on the […]

NASTT Case Study: Emergency Sewer Force Main Trenchless Rehabilitation Project in Valley Forge National Historic Park

Valley Forge pipe lining

NASTT Abstract:¬†Tredyffrin Township faced three catastrophic failures of a 30-inch Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), the Wilson Road Sewage Force Main (WRFM), between 2012 and 2014.. The majority of force main pipe is located within the national park, and the pipe alignment also parallels Valley Creek, which is an exceptional value trout stream. The compromised […]

NASTT Case Study: Water Pipeline Rehabilitation uses Trenchless Solution


NASTT Case Study Abstract: Older pipelines can pose a host of challenges for potable water infrastructure. Corrosion and tuberculation can contribute to everything from taste and odor issues, to decreased flow capacity. Assessment of an 18-mile-long segment of a 20-inch steel water pipeline, pressure rated at 100 psi, in Laramie, Wyoming, indicated the need for […]

ASCE Case Study: Exploration of Loose-Fit and Tight-Fit Sliplining with Butt-Fusion Welded Thermoplastic Piping for Pipeline Rehabilitation


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Abstract: Trenchless rehabilitation of existing pipelines is a continually growing industry with many viable technologies available to the end user. Pipeline rehabilitation via sliplining methods is a well established means of trenchless construction that can sometimes be overlooked when evaluating rehabilitation options. With many older water and wastewater pipelines […]